Freight Car truck Question from John Henderson's Vol. 1

Bill Welch

In the process of "The Reluctant Weatherer's" overcoming his fear of weathering he has been going through some of his older models as inititial candidates for treatment and in the process finds himself doing small upgrades like improved sill steps and switching trucks with more accurate editions where available. Thank you Tahoe and Brian!

Perhaps my first kitbash (20+ years ago) involved an Athearn 40-ft steel boxcar, some Detail Associates Dreadnaught ends and resin Murphy ends to create a rebuild owned by the Columbus & Greenville and inspired by a photo in Volume One of the recently discussed Color Freight Car book series. Currently it rides on (predictably) some Athearn trucks. I cannot find my copy of the book in question but I am wondering if anyone who can find their Vol. 1 can assist me with what in their opinion might be a better truck, especially if they are familiar with Tahoe's line. The car did not live on the C&G during my 10-1955 time period but mysteriously the reweigh and lube dates do not reflect this anomoly. Go figure.

Instead of cluttering this Group with answers, please emailĀ The Reluctant Weatherer at fgexbill(at)

Thank you!

Bill Welch

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