Re: MONON box cars

Michael Aufderheide


This car is from Monon series 1200-1299 built in April 1948.  They had Murphy diagonal panel roofs.  They had two 8ft doors with a clear opening of 15'-10".  The Monon Society offers Branchline kits of these cars. 

Scale Model Kits


The cars were renumbered early into three different series that had load restraints:

1301-1320, left door welded shut, Evans DF restraints.
1401-1480, left door welded shut, (4) Evans DF Bars
1481, Webster Loaders

Later the 1401 series was further re-numbered into various 1500 number series with various Evans restraints.  It always amazes me that they welded the second door shut so soon.  It was a mystery for a long time which cars these were because the diagrams only show one door.


Mike Aufderheide

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