Re: MONON box cars

Schuyler Larrabee

Mike Aufderheide wrote:


This car is from Monon series 1200-1299 built in April 1948.  They had Murphy diagonal panel roofs.  They had two 8ft doors with a clear opening of 15'-10".  The Monon Society offers Branchline kits of these cars. 

Scale Model Kits

Scale Model Kits

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And having looked at the kits on this page, I’d like to commend the Monon group for offering these kits AND telling the consumer the built date for the specific car numbers they offer.  Modeling, as I do (or try to) “the early 50’s (as many on this list do) it’s possible to order cars that will fit in that time frame, and NOT to order cars that were “not built yet.”

This is true for all but what appear to be the latest kits offered.  Perhaps those cars could also be so annotated.




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