Re: MKT boxcar color and slogan circa 1947-1948?..

bill stanton

what is incorrect about the intermountain model? (since, of course, I just bought one!)

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I would like to know something about this as well, I model Cajon Pass in 47 and would like to get hold of some genuine yellow MKT cars but I don't know who if anyone makes or made them apparently the new release from Intermountain with the double doors is not correct and a phoobie.  

Rob McLear

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Were MKT steel boxcars painted all yellow and did they have the slogan "Serves the Southwest Well" in 1947?

Were earlier single sheathed boxcars repainted yellow as well?

(My understanding is that the slogan omitted the "Well" when first used and the sides, roofs, and ends were yellow)

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