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Tony Thompson

I will definitely want a Penn Salt and a PPG car, maybe others, but these are some way off, are they Not?
Tony Thompson

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I am a BLI dealer and I will be splitting the 4 packs to sell single cars.  Just let me know what you want.

I generally price 10% over my cost plus shipping and I do not yet know what the discount will be on these as BLI has variable discounts on their products.

Rich Orr

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Gene Green wrote:

I am going to order Variety Pack A of the 6000 gallon tank cars from Broadway Ltd. so I can get the Ethyl Corporation tank car.   If anyone would like to buy one or more of the other three cars (Brown, Shippers or Stauffer), once they have arrived and I've received mine, I'll let them go for $25 each plus shipping.

   Does anyone want to split up any of the other BLI four-packs? I might be interested in participating.

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