Re: MKT boxcar color and slogan circa 1947-1948?..

Bill Welch

We all probably have our own definition of what constitutes "iconic" but in my modeling universe I consider the MKT single sheathed yellow boxcars an iconic freight car. Twenty plus years ago I used the then new Accurail 8-panel SS boxcar with wood door, Murphy end and Hutchins roof to model one version of the MKT cars substituting strip styrene to create the center sill and carving off the side ladders and using Detail Associates NBW's and wire grabs. The Herald King furnished the decals including "Be Careful" for each end of the sides. I do  not remember what yellow I used.

John Miller from this list recently announced that he acquired a large number of HK decals and maybe he has some MKT sets and undec Accurail cars are easy to come by.

Speedwitch has since offered a second version of an MKT SS and I think Sunshine offered the version I did as well as doing their Steel DD autocar, the prototype for which probably provoked IM to issue their foobie.

Bill Welch


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