Re: MKT boxcar color and slogan circa 1947-1948?..

Justin May <jmay59@...>

What is wrong with the recently released IM/Red Caboose car (it seems to match data in my 1949 ORER)?

The prototype series were as follows:

45001-45385, 385 cars built 1945 through 1946 from Youngstown steel body parts. They featured a 7'/8' door combination, Universal 200W hand brakes, with Miner draft gear. The cars also featured alternate center riveting on the sides of the car, and were 10'6" interior height with 4/4 IDE ends. In 1962 and again in 1965, the cars were renumbered into 2400-2599 and 2600-2749. I could not locate any of the as constructed photos online, however, there are several examples of detail photos of the car features. The most glaring error is that the Red Caboose is a 10'0" IH car whereas the prototype is 10'6" IH. The side sill needs to be extended further so that it is deeper, and the ACR pattern applied.

A better alternative to this car would be to use an older Front Range 4090 40' double door series kit, replace the ends with Branchline 4-4 IDE ends, shape the side sill using styrene, replace the roof with a Murphy panel roof, apply Archer ACR rivet decals, and other specific details, then letter with the new Speedwitch MKT decals.

Justin May

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