Re: Any Recommendations on the C&O Freight Cars 1937-1946 book?

gary laakso

Thank you both for your reviews; I ordered a copy of the book.

gary laakso
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The book is very nicely done and is essentially a hardcover update with some additions of the earlier C&OHS publication "Freight Car Equipment of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, August 1, 1937." That book was edited by Earl Shaver and produced in softcover in 1980 and was later reproduced in revised form in 1989. As far as I know those were the only two publication runs of that text -I could be wrong- and both are out of print... but a copy can be found online or at a train show if you look hard enough. 

The Shaver text was about 170 pages. The 2015 book, which lists Carl Shaver, Al Kresse, and Karen Parker as the authors, runs about 225 pages and has more photos as well as some newer WWII and postwar material and as such is much more fully updated to "later" periods. 

If you do not have the earlier book you should definitely purchase this new version. Even if you have the older book this is a nice edition to the library if you are a C&O freight car geek or just a more run of the mill freight car geek. Al Kresse knows as much about C&O freight car history as anyone else alive. Overall it is a very useful freight car modeling guide and pretty much supersedes everything else the C&OHS has produced to date when looking at the overall C&O freight car fleet.  At 35 dollars it it a nice purchase, especially since it is hardcover.  Photo quality -all B&W as i think about it- is pretty good throughout as are the car diagrams.

I still have an original soft cover copy of  "Chesapeake & Ohio Freight Cars to 1945" that was "complied" by Dean Freytag and Ted Wetterstroem back in 1974 which ran 52 pages. That I suppose is where this book project really began.



Gerard J. Fitzgerald
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