Re: RE; Car Service Rules

George Eichelberger

I have no doubt the Southern did not send cars off line simply because they had an excessive supply. There are multiple Southern Railway AFEs (Authorization for Expenditures) available that specifically mention positive per diem balances as part of the rationale to purchase the equipment. Is the comment about western and eastern roads based on specific documentation or someone’s assumptions? Does the extensive AAR documentation on car availability and car purchases in the years after the war confirm this eastern-western theory?

I would be very interested in seeing any primary research information that describes cars being trapped by the ACL, SAL, L&N or Southern. I recognize that various railroads entered bankruptcy during the depression, after the war and into the (forbidden) modern era. I also recognize that of the railroads I mention, only the SAL ever went through a bankruptcy, none were dismembered, abandoned a large part of their system or found themselves in such dire straits that they sold or merged themselves out of existence. (I believe it is correct to consider the RI, MILW and SP “western” roads?)

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