Re: flat car, NC&StL - Apology


A few weeks ago there was a discussion on the Tichy NC&StL flat car. I stated that there was
an article with drawings on this car in the March 1989 Mainline Modeler. As I was starting to convert
the car that I did for SP&S bak to the proper car I dug out this issue of Mainline Modeler. The article
in that issue was Mont Switzer's excellent offering on building the car along with a grader load.
After more searching I determined that the article that I was thinking of was on an ACL flat that
was very similar to the Tichy car in the May 1984 Mainline Modeler.

I apologize for the fuzzyness of my memory. Mainline Modeler presented such a wealth of information
over it's 25 year run. Articles that were not pertinate when the issue came out became pertinate
years later. A very treasured time is to just sit and review this collection. So much has been forgotten.

Bill Pardie

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