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My impression is that by 1960 they were held to on-line service only. Is that true?
By 1954, only 21 of the P-11 series remained. Other groups are the P-9, and sub-groups such as the P-11C, P-11G, and others from the absorption of AB&C, such as the P-15 class. Speaking in generalities, yes, most of those cars that remained in revenue service were being utilized by on-line customers only, as there wasn't a need for a 40-ton flat car by most shippers. Most were constructed in 1914, 1917 (40-ton capacity), with the P-15 class being constructed in 1926 and rated for 50-ton capacity. We ran a nice illustrated article of these cars in the Seaboard-Coast Line Modeler Issue 17 featuring the work of Tom Christensen along with several prototype photos.

Would there be any reasonable excuse for an interchange escapee in 1960? Also, wasn't ACL lettering aluminum, not white? If so, are there any appropriate aluminum ACL decals for these cars?
Yes. See Liljestrand and Sweetland's Atlantic Coast Line Freight Cars book for a nice in-service shot of ACL 76771 on 10/10/1961.

The Mainline Modeler article by Mark Montague from May 1984 features a good collection of these cars as well in numerous types of service albeit most are pre-1960. ACL freight car lettering was either white, yellow, or red, never silver as that was reserved for motive power. These particular cars were lettered in white and the included Tichy decals are good.

Justin May

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