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Paul Koehler



Like me you must have worked for the SP.  That was the same attitude at Los Angeles, keep the customer happy.


Paul C. Koehler


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At the railroads I've worked at, almost no effort by the clerks, and zero by the yardmasters, went into satisfying car service rules.  Everyone was too busy trying to get the job at hand done, right now.  I would never delay getting a usuable car to a customer because of car service rules as customers mean income.  They get upset when they are told to wait... don't even ask, keep them happy because they might make a call to the sales & marketing manager or VP.  No clerk or agent is going to get yelled at for "violating" a car service rule to do right by a customer.


Robert Simpson


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Dan and all, still prompts me to ask ... just
how much effort - or delayed delivery to the shipper - did the
RRs really go to in order to satisfy the car service rules?
  I'm guessing that most shippers were unhappy with any delays
 in the delivery of the car (for most loads for most shippers)...

                                                                           - Jim B.

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