Re: RE; Car Service Rules

Bruce Smith


This discussion has gone from interesting to ridiculous.

Whatever will happen in 1982 (or whenever you might eventually work for some other railroad) is irrelevant to this list.  Technology will change, attitudes will change, rules will change.  So while it is all well and good that some folks seem to have a crystal ball that tells them what will happen in the future (past 1960), for the purposes of this discussion, not only is it irrelevant, but also almost certainly fails to be correct.

Of course, since I model 1944, I don't give a flame about most of the car service rules anyway.  And why, you might ask, were car service rules suspended during WWII?  Excellent question, because the answer is to improve efficiency.  Now, THAT implies that if the rules had not been suspended, that efficiency was lowered by the need to actually try to follow the car service rules. As others have noted, the boxcar loading rules did not require foreign cars to be loaded to the home road, just in that general direction.  Railroads complied because they wanted other railroads to comply.  It was jointly beneficial.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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