Re: CNW 77666 rebuit war emergency boxcar

Seth Lakin

Both Intermountain and Sunshine offers kits for the CNW war emergency boxcars.

From the Sunshine Models data sheet for the 1943 built War-Emergency boxcars.
CNW 77416-77748 (Even numbers) Pullman, Viking Roof, Youngstown Door, Apex Running Board
CNW 77750-78248 (Even numbers) Pullman, Viking Roof, Superior Door, Apex Running Board
CNW 79250-80250 (Even numbers) ACF Murphy Panel Roof, Superior Door, Gypsum Running Board

The 79250-80250 (even) was rebuilt by the CNW in 1963, keeping the same car numbers. The cars were resheathed with steel and the door opening was stretched to 9 foot. The doors were also stretched by adding a three foot section to the center of the door.

A 1971 ORER shows 454 of the 79250-80250 series, while the a 1978 issue shows 0.

Another picture of a rebuilt car appears here

The rebuilt has been on my hopefully some day project for a few years. However there may be a resin kit out there but I have not been able to find it. In the recent modeling press, in an advertisement for a right angle clamp, there appears to be a side and an end in the clamp for the rebuilt boxcar.

Seth Lakin
Michigan City IN

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