Re: Sylvan HO/O Single Sheathed Box Car

Larry Wolohon

John & all you Steam Era Freight Car  fans,

I saw Clare, not sure of spelling his first name, Gilbert of Sylvan Scale Models about 2 weeks ago in Portland, Oregon @ the Train Show following the NMRA Convention & spoke with him for a while. I have known him a few years. In his display @ the National Train Show, there were a lot of model resin automobile kits in mostly HO, but NO freight cars. I asked him about his models & Clare stated that he is NOT making any more freight car models, just vehicle models for now.

I have one of the single sheathed boxcars that he made several years ago in O scale, I have yet to build it but it looks to be a nice kit. 

Larry Wolohon

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Hi Guys,

Sylvan Scale Models at offers an HO and O scale single sheathed box car model that they say is appropriate for CN -and- Frisco. Unfortunately I can't access and send the direct link for your reference but it's easy to navigate their site to find the model.   

Would anyone be able to shed some light on the claim that this model is good for a SL-SF car?  Do you have any photos or comments or references?

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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