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I talked to Clare about his CPR autoboxes a while ago. He said (IIRC) the molds had worn out and it wasn't worth it to redo them for 'onesey-twosies'. But if the order was big enough, he might do it.

What I remember of the conversation, anyway. 
Colin Riley

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I can assure you that there's nothing wrong with the business of resin kit manufacturing.
If there was I wouldn't be doing it.
I am not in competition with RTR. We are 2 different entities. RTR is focused on the mass market, with overlap into prototype modeling. I focus on providing highly accurate models of cars that are not available, or providing a superior version to the mass market models. Resin models are not for everyone. But not everyone cares about the level of accuracy I provide.
And in fact, I'm not even in competition with the other resin manufacturers. We all do slightly different things. And there's lots of room for each of us, as well as anyone else who wants to have a go at it.
Pierre Oliver

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I would put it "Clare has DISCONTINUED an excellent line." The favorable reviews of his freight cars on the web site date from 2003 and before.

There must be something in the business model of resin freight car kit manufacturing that doesn't work:  Sunshine, Westerfield, Sylvan and even Storzek all left the business. F&C seems to be holding on. Is competition from RTR the primary reason?


I think you may be drawing a conclusion from incomplete evidence. Al Wseterfield retired and sold his business. It is still ongoing. Sunshine's demise was caused by the death of Martin Lofton. Perhaps Dennis might chime in with reasons for moving on, but I suspect that Accurail takes up most of his time, rather than a problem with resin casting as a business.

Spen Kellogg

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