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Armand Premo

I bought it sight unseen.I am sure some will find something worthwhile.I didn't.Armand Premo

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Bill Welch wrote:

I am curious if anyone has seen and can comment on Jeff's new book on the subject that brings many of us together on this site?

    I do have a copy. I would comment differently for those who know, and those who don't know, the subject already. It is pretty pedestrian if you already know the subject, no surprises (nor should there be -- it is aimed at those who need to learn the basics). I always enjoy seeing additional photos, and Jeff was able to draw on Kalmbach's unsurpassed photo resources, so for me, it was worth picking up. And for anyone who feels unsure about how well they know the topic, I would certainly recommend it. Well written, not too long or pedantic, and very nicely reproduced photos.

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