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A&Y Dave in MD

I have two: one is a plain old plastic lazy susan designed for food serving. I added my own foam chunks or cardboard boxes to set models upon.

The other is a Tamiya brand designed for model painting. It came with metal spring clips that can be inserted into holes for multiple configurations. It might have cost $15 plus shipping five or ten years ago, but I didn't pay for it. It was a gift.

Honestly, both work reasonably well. The food version probably cost $5 twenty years ago.  It is not as friction free or as easy to clean excess paint, but it still works just fine.

I'd probably recommend the Tamiya by a small margin for convenience over price. 

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I have no idea what to call then but I know I have seen Lazy Susan type device that allow a freight car model to be turned and painted. I did checked Sprue Brothers and Micro Mark and did not see anything. I looked under Lazy Susans on Google and Amazon and did not see anything, yet at least, that satisfied me.

Anyone, any suggestions?

Bill Welch

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