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After about 1910 slightly less than half of the C&O and N&Ws coal went to Tidewater (Newport News and Norfolk) and the majority went West.
Al Kresse

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My thought on this is that perhaps the market for coal grades used for home heating may well
have been seasonal.  Coking coal for steel making and coal for power plants would not be
so affected by the seasons.  Coal going north over the Great Lakes would also have been a warm 
weather traffic as the Lakes freeze in winter.  
My idea is that industrial coal use much outweighed winter heating use. Just my supposition, 
no data to offer. 
Can anyone comment on export coal going to Norfolk and such ports being seasonal or not?
Chuck Peck in FL

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Inline with Tony's recent post, I think off road hoppers used for coal would be returned to their owners in the summer months rather than pay the car owners demurrage or maybe just to equal out demurrage payments.

I've never seen any discussion of this except that empty home road hoppers were stored everywhere in Scranton during the summer.

Any comments?

Ed Mines

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