caboose marker lights

Robert kirkham

[After having first checked that caboose topics are in scope], I have a question: given the very small LEDs available today (saw some red ones at 1mm x .3mm x .6mm), is there a convenient circuit folks use with DCC to limit and provide constant voltage for marker lights using these tiny LEDs?   Any experience with longevity?  Other caboose interior lighting? 
I’m considering using 3d printing to make accurate old style markers for CPR cabooses, with something appearing like the prototype mounting lug.  The idea is to design the shape to fit around the LED, so it fits into a small socket in the back and shines out the lenses.       (For those who have them, True Line Trains produced a pretty reasonable model of a typical CPR wood sheathed caboose.  But they compromised on marker location/mounting, attaching them through a hole in the end walls, rather than on the corners.  I want to correct that.  Images at <>)
By the way, how many detail the interiors?

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