Re: seasonal coal traffic

Tom in Texas

After seeing Dennis' comment about lake coal for the Port Washington power plant, I asked my brother who lives nearby what he remembered

I can verify that the old Port Washington power plant took all of their coal from boats sailing on Lake Michigan. They would typically anchor outside the harbor mouth and bring the boats in at dusk (that way they avoided all of us salmon fishermen who would be out from dawn until the afternoon).

They'd unload the coal and then they had two big bulldozers that would push it up into big "hills" right by the shore just east of the plant. The problem was that if there was even the slightest breeze from the south, the boats in the marina -- including mine -- would be covered with coal dust. It was a real pain to clean off, especially getting it out of the canvas.

Not a problem anymore, however. The utility converted the plant from coal to natural gas a few years ago. As Paul Harvey would say, "And that is the rest of the story . . . " :>)

Tom in Texas

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