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I use golden glow LEDs, then use "Gallery Glass" for the lenses. Gallery Glass is a liquid used to make "fake" stained glass, you can find it at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. That way I can have one led and different color lenses in the same marker light.



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Hi Dennis


I was thinking I’d use transparent glazes to tint from neutral foggy transparent to green.  The actual green in the lamps I’ve seen have a strong bluish cast.  Depending on the LED light colour (how much yellow), that will influence my choice of paint colour.  But I’m not there yet . . . . .


Steve – thanks for posting the detailed info from Richmond Controls re the DC DCC question – it was quite reassuring.






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How are you going to do the green lenses for the front and sides? Tomar already deis the definitive Adlake marker lamp, based on a micro bulb, that gives the proper lens colors. To bad there is no way to turn them when clear of the main.

Dennis Storzek


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