Re: Documents Changes?

Tom Madden

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Hi all (and especially any Moderator),

Howard recently uploaded a sample Empty Car Request form (sic)
to Photos. I looked at it and liked it - as an example of a real RRs
documents/paperwork. So I tried to save a copy to my hard drive
only to discover that I can only save a LINK and not the actual
document. And I can not print it other than using a Print Screen
type of interface.

Are we no longer allowed to save the actual pics to our computers?
Was this something "only about this one pic" and the way it was
uploaded? Would we have been able to save a copy of the pic
-if- it had been uploaded to the FILES area?
- Jim B.

When I go to the Photos area and place the cursor over a photo, a Download icons appears in the lower right of the photo thumbnail. It's the icon with an arrow pointing down into a tray. 

Tom Madden

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