Re: Erie ARA-1923 boxcar ends


Ed,   Indeed, the car we are discussing is the Erie 75500 series cars with the Inverse Buckeye ends. And the Don Hanley article in MRH that Richard Bale references, discussed modeling 4 different series Erie cars, INCLUDING the 75500 Series. But after careful review of the 4 part article I think the author missed the fact that the 75500 Series had Inverse Buckeye ends. So the only difference in the three series with Buckeye ends (75500, 76000, and 76500), as modeled, were the  overall height and number of ribs. The article does include a photo that shows the inverse Buckeye ends on the 75500 Series, but the clearest end view pic shows #76949 with  non-inverse Buckeye ends. 

And no matter how long I look at photos of the inverse Buckeye ends I have a very hard time figuring out how much raised or indented each area is. It's like looking at one of those optical illusion drawings where you can't tell if the stairway goes up or down. 

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