Re: Andy Sperandeo

Marty McGuirk

I’m going to miss Andy greatly.

My perspective on him may be somewhat unique. I got to know him when I started at Classic Toy Trains and was flattered when he suggested that I might find MR a better fit for my modeling and interests. So I joined the MR staff and he became my boss.  He was a fantastic mentor and friend (Honestly, I never really thought of him as my "boss"). He remained my friend after I left the magazine.

His knowledge of prototype and model railroading was encyclopedic. And he willingly shared that knowledge with anyone who asked. And it wasn't "book knowledge" either - he was a dedicated and meticulous craftsman - everything from his freight cars to his benchwork were executed with precision.

He seemed somewhat shy and withdrawn at first blush - but to those of us blessed to know him and call him friend he was a fascinating, fun loving person who enjoyed a good joke (especially a pun) and could discuss any subject - food, literature, movies, and sports as well as railroading - with gusto. 

Rest well friend, and suffer no more,

Marty McGuirk

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