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Rod Miller

On 10/6/15 6:08 AM, 'Bruce F. Smith' [STMFC] wrote:

There is a photograph of the Magor built Watervliet Arsenal #1, a 4 truck, 12 axle gun flat, unloading a gun for a coast artillery position in the San Francisco area on the Southern Pacific, I believe.



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On Oct 6, 2015, at 3:38 AM, Garth Groff<> [STMFC] <<>> wrote:


This discussion about the PRR gun flat on the MC&CL raised an
interesting question in my mind. Is there any record, or any photos,
that show PRR F22, F23, or F30 (yes Ben, no hyphens anymore) on the West

The SP served a large Navy Base in Nevada (yes, Nevada) which stored or
refurbished large guns. So might these guns have been shipped there from
foundries on the East Coast on PRR flats? And what cars did the SP, or
perhaps the Navy themselves, use to move these guns to installation
points, likely Bremerton, San Francisco or Long Beach?

I just thumbed through Tony's SP flat car book and didn't see any photos
of guns being shipped, but it was a quick flip-through. There are lots
of hunkin' big loads, but no naval guns.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff
While hiking north of San Francisco in the Golden Gate
National Recreation Area, I ran across a 16" gun barrel
from one of the batteries that were installed during
WW II to protect the port of San Francisco. Google
turned up this page about the move of the barrel from
Hawthorne to the GGNRA:

Note there is a link to additional hi res photos.

Unfortunately no steam era freight cars are shown in the

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