Tank Car Capacities (was CONX Tankcar ID?)

Ian Cranstone

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The 1919 "tariff book" is free from Google books (search "circular no. 6-0, showing capacities of tank cars").  I have tried like heck to find the 1936 ("freight tariff 300-A") and later editions, but with no success (either digital or hard copy).

Maybe Ian Cranstone can comment.


I've digitized two volumes (June 1936 and September 1955) so far, which can be found at lulu.com -- they're not searchable on the site, but can be found directly at:

These are hard-cover premium volumes that will last much better than the originals.  I've also added sections at the back totalling cars by operator and reporting mark, owners and totals of multiple compartment cars, along with AAR specifications and class data appropriate to the era.

I'm slowly working on scanning an issue from November 1970, but there is still a considerable amount of scanning to be done.

There is also the aforementioned 1919 volume held by the New York City Public Library which Google kindly digitized, and I'm aware of an August 1960 issue held at the Archives of Ontario in Toronto.  Some years ago I obtained a photocopy of the Canadian section, which can be found in the documents area at the Canadian Pacific Railway Historical Association website.  I'd love to hear about other issues that might be lurking out there.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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