Re: Interchange point question

Tim O'Connor

Alex, the WP and SP&S were directly connected via the Oregon Trunk
from Bieber CA - Klamath Falls CA - Bend OR - Wishram WA. This line
is now part of the BNSF.

Jeff Wilson�s �Freight Cars of the �40s and �50s� has a table tracing the travels of LV boxcar 62000 in 1954, illustrating how little time such cars spent on their home roads.

However, there may be a mistake. The table indicates the car was received by the Western Pacific on 4/15 and by the Spokane, Portland & Seattle on 4/19, with no intervening entries. Those two roads don�t come close to each other. The January 1953 ORER (NMRA reprint) confirms this, as neither road lists the other as a connection.

Does anyone have access to the original Pullman Standard ad from which this was taken to see if it was miscopied for the book or if the mistake was in the original?


Alex Schneider

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