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Greg Martin

Mark and all,
In 1950 the New York Central reported to the ICC 44,512 loads of livestock handled. These number likely reflect the IHB numbers reported in the NYC as they IHB numbers were not found separately. Although these numbers reflect any load that generated a waybill thus an invoice it does show just how much business the NYC handle and it was not all into the slaughter houses in Indiana and Ohio. That is 856 loads of livestock every week. This is only half what the UP reported.
Greg Martin
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From a more east coast New York City perspective, the meat arrived in reefers as whole sides of beef hanging on trolley hooks. The NYC meat cutters typically had 3rd floor sidings, car floor concrete platforms with an elevator‎. The platforms typically had roofs and trolley hook rail that extended from the reefer door to the elevator. Various trolley rail switches were included as necessary. 

Is it possible that the cattle that arrived in Chicago were slaughtered there, rather than being reloaded for additional travel eastward?

Now not all cattle arrived in NY processed. Here in Albany NY we had a Tobins pork slaughter house until about 1980. Those pigs arrived by truck and rail.  

Mark Landgraf
Albany NY

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