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"SC Johnson Pledge Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish 27 OZ" I can only find this product on Amazon. One comment there indicates that it is the same or formerly the "Future" product. Amazon also recommends that I purchase Micro-Sol with the Pledge, so I think it might be it. I believe this may have been discussed in the past on this or a similar Yahoo group, but I couldn't locate the post. Could anyone confirm? By the way the Pledge sells for $11.38 or $19.99 for 2 bottles at Amazon.
Additionally, I recently tried some Tru-Color Paint "flat" (TCP-017), but I didn't think it made my model finish very flat. I did have to thin with their thinner (TCP-015), as the flat had a very thick consistency out of the bottle, but I applied two coats. I formerly used Floquil flat finish and have run out. What dull coating do other apply after decaling?
-Tom Fedor, Thurmont, MD “



I’ve been using this stuff for many years and have gone thorough it’s various name changes. That said, I’ve never noticed any difference in the product, its application nor its performance.

The last one I purchased (within the last year) was off-the-shelf at the local Ace store.

I suggest using Testors Dullcote, still available in rattle cans. You need to apply several light coats of any top coat. Chances are two coats won’t do the job if they are applied light enough.

John Hagen

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