Re: Depression era / pre-WWII Covered Hoppers?

Staffan Ehnbom

The Great Northern received their first covered hoppers from GAT in 1940, series 73995-73999, later renumbered to 71225-71229. I never saw a picture of any one of these five cars. The cars "were required to meet demands of traffic for cement and other loading, and will be constructed to the specifications recommended by the Mechanical Committee of the Western Association of Railway Executives". The next batch of covered hoppers on the GN were 25 cars from AC&F in 1946.

Staffan Ehnbom

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Hi all,

Does anyone know if Covered Hoppers were used prior to WWII (Late 30's to early 40's) that may have found they're way West of the Mississippi? I've looked on the Funaro-Camerlengo site, which lists a few specific carriers in the date range I'm interested in, but I'm not sure how accurate that information is. Did any Western Roads have them or at least had common interchange services that would have use them? Lastly, is there a good reference that covers the design type, loads carried and which roads used them the most. I'm setting up a late depression / Pre--WWII era roster and would like to include some Covered Hoppers...if prototypical.

Thanks to all in advance
John Miller
Folsom, CA.

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