Re: Depression era / pre-WWII Covered Hoppers?

Schleigh Mike

Bill Pardie asked what Tahoe Model Works trucks were appropriate for the pre-war ERIE 20000-20049 series cars.  The RR diagram refers to "Double Truss" side frames and the car is rated at 50 tons.  TMW 207 is a "Double Truss AAR 50-Ton Truck" set.

Happy historically accurate model railroading to all----Mike Schleigh

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I have on my roster an ERIE covered hop;per that predatges WWII.  This is a samaller car and
is the same car that Gene Diemling did in MR back in tghe 70's.  This thread reminded me that
I have never upgraded the rtrucks on this car.  Doen anyone know what Tahoe Models truck
is correct for this car?

Thanks in advance:

Bill Pardie

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The DL&W photo collection at Steamtown has a fascinating collection of six photos (X7126-X7132) showing HCCX/Hercules Portland Cement covered hoppers on a barge in Hoboken, taken on 4/1/1930. Zooming in on a few of these cars shows them to be 70 ton, four discharge bay cars, with a new date of 12/1928.The number series is at least HCCX 1002-1028 (my 1930 ORER is buried right now so I can't confirm the full series). Sadly, the cars "seem" to have a reweigh station on the L&NE, so it's doubtful that they made it west of the Mississippi. Still, it's fun to see covered hoppers that old, and with stemwinders!
Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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Hi John,

They most certainly would be prototypical.  I'm also interested in early covered hoppers because they come in a fascinating variety of stylesunlike hte later 1958 cuft cars and later PS cars which all looked the same.  I have collected a small file of photos at work of B&O, NYC, PRR and other early covered hoppers and I'd be happy to share the photos with you.  E-mail me offline at Golden1014 at

I just ran across a photo of a NKP car, rebuilt from a USRA hopper, that I'm dying to model next in HO.   RCW makes decals so it should be easy using a Tichy car to start with.  I recently finished kitbashing an HO model of a C&O car (300-series) which was easy to rebuild using the Intermountain car.

I'm sure these cars generally saw captive service on their home railroads but we could justify one showing up from time to time.  

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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