70-Ton triple offset side hopper with "Kiesel" sides/ends


Guys -

I recently purchased an O scale PSC brass 70-ton triple offset side hopper car that was different from what I anticipated!  I THOUGHT the car had what Karig describes as "Wine" sides/ends, where the creases in the side meet the top chord 1'-7" from the top corners of the sides, and the ends are a little more narrow because of this.  What I GOT was a car with "Kiesel" sides/ends!  (See Karig, p.74.)  The creases in the side meet the top chord right in the corners.

The car was factory painted C&O #79685.  It is a beautiful model, but that series of cars was built just after my cutoff date of April, 1948.

 If I keep the car, the question becomes - what other roads had 70-ton triple offset side 40' hopper cars with the "Kiesel" sides that were built before April, 1948? Canadian Pacific is a little far from south Texas, and I think they are too recent also.

Thanks!  I bought the car because it had a box with the same PSC number as seven of my other 70-ton triple offset side hoppers, all of which have the "Wine" sides/ends!  I never thought it would be different!

A.T. Kott

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