Re: Livestock through Chicago

Greg Martin

It really doesn't matter where the damage occurred as a claim followed the revenue stream and every road shared the burden of the claim in direct proportion to the percentage of mileage/hours generated. So if your railroad hauled the commodity from Los Angeles to Kansas City and the second haul load terminated in Effingham, IN then the total cost was divided by rail miles/hours hauled. The only exception would be if it were proven that the required protective service wasn't met.
Greg Martin  
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Tim O'Connor writes:

True, but I've always wondered if the PRR didn't just get stuck with the bill
because so much of the perishables TERMINATED on the PRR after relatively short
hauls. After all if the produce deep inside the car rotted on the Santa Fe, how
would anyone know until the car was being unloaded in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia?

Were damage claims to perishables pro-rated based on "hours of control" ? If it
took Santa Fe 110 hours to get to Chicago, and PRR took 50 hours to forward that
to New York, it is fair to blame PRR for all of the damage?

Tim O'Connor

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