Re: new car kit from Dry Creek

Benjamin Hom

Mike Bauers wrote:
"I think it’s great to see the old Tru-Scale HO model redone to the prototype.  The Tru-Scale dates from late 50’s tooling, it’s long needed correcting."
Tony Thompson replied:
"I didn't know about a Tru-Scale car. The familiar Silver Streak kit, from the very early 1950s, has two drawbacks, that its underframe truss is oversize though correctly located back from the side sill, and that the entire car is about 10 percent oversize, as were many of the early Silver Streak kits."
They appear to be the same model.  The model appeared in the 1960 Tru-Scale catalog:
However, this instruction sheet has both Silver Streak and Tru-Scale branding on it:
Ben Hom

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