Re: Handling RR Claims

Greg Martin

Precisely just a car management arm, like REA, the FGEX consortium, and Trailer Train.
PFE handled the revenue stream for the railroads they represented, understood, and kept their share regardless of how small.  Most of the folks from PFE likely worked for the parent railroads at some point.  They likely understood the claims process that goes without saying, but settling the claim was up to the destination carrier. So the settlement was never really on the PFE's radar as it didn't impact their role as car management and that is likely you'll never find any of the documents the PFE people speak of as they are in the  UP or SP's records.
So knowing how the railroads work this situation, we'll never really know why statements are made or the actual foundation for the statements.  Just remember all damage claims are usually attributed to service issues, and all carriers had service issues, when the buyers and sellers went to market the railroads were busy and the complaining began.
Again, the PRR more often than any other eastern carrier was generally the delivering carrier  (by the numbers) and likely the target of a lot of marketing guys and agents because they did have to file the claims in the name of the consignee against the railroad. The service issues on PRR deserves a major "dig" in the ICC reports because if what your testimonies say are true then I am sure there would have been some form of action taken by the ICC. But it doesn't impact my modeling so I will not be the one doing the digging.
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean
Tony replies:

PFE was not a railroad. They did not operate on ANY miles of mainline track. They were owned by, and supplied cars to, UP and SP (and managed cars for WP). ~ Major Snip! ~

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