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Greg Martin

You're kidding right?

We did this rebuilt car as a group build on the SHAKE_N_TAKE list in the spring of 2014 using ends and sills cast by Aaron Gjermundson as a mini kit ($10.50). You needed to add a fishbelly underframe from ACCURAIL, brake components, ladders and other readily available details. Decide which AAR 1937 12' IH AAR car you wanted to use as a core kit, I used the Branchline/Atlas kit.
John if I am not mistaken you have the parts for the conversion.
There are still mini kit available still at $10.50 that Aaron ran so if you are interested let me know as we also have the ends and sills for the Rock Island/CNW~CMO car as well. I have the instruction still in my Drop Box for the Santa Fe car.
My Santa Fe car is complete and headed into the shop for weathering along with this year's Rock Island double door boxcar tomorrow.
The ATLAS kit might be good S_N_T fodder as the roof and shallow sills looks like it might work for a DL&W #48002 series car but I can't confirm the underframe as I have only an overhead shot of the car. The conversion would include new 7/8 ends, extended sides (4 scale inches)and new side panel layout. But a forty dollar price tag is just a bit over a reasonable budget, I might be better off making a new roof for the Tichy car and suffer from more sensible cost.
40 bucks go figure...
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean
      John Barry asked:

"Besides the 5/5/5 ends that should be 2/5/5/5, the photos of the new Atlas release look closer to the Bx-2 rebuilds.  At least they are 10 rather than 8 panel cars with the side sill supports.  What else is wrong with them, I haven't seen one in person, nor have I seen a photo of the underframe.  The ends make them very much a stand - in but it seems more credible than the Tichy or previous 8 panel Atlas.  

But $40 for a stand in is pretty darn steep."

What else is wrong, you ask?
- Roof is incorrect.  The ATSF rebuilds had rectangular panel roofs.
- The car is too low in height for any ATSF rebuilt USRA DS boxcar.  (Atlas model - 9 ft IH; Bx-28/31 - 10 ft IH; Bx-32/33/36 - 10 ft 4 in IH)
- The side sills are poorly rendered; the relief is too shallow and the side sill brackets are incorrect.
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You'd actually get a better stand-in by using the old Athearn boxcar, cutting the side sill tabs off, and putting Accurail fishbelly center sills on the underframe, and it sure won't cost you $40.  Heck, the MSRP of the Sunshine kits of these cars was $34 - $36, and they produced a much closer model of these prototypes.

To use the term "lipstick on a pig" to describe the Atlas "Rebuilt" Boxcar is grossly insulting to the pig.

Ben Hom 

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