Re: "Vintage" kit and manufacturer

Bob Werre

"Vintage" is an understatement.
Have to admit "H-D Models" is one manufacturer I've never heard of. Anyone know the story behind this one?I

Sometime in the mid 70's H & D sold a series of 0/S scale "box of sticks" kits. I bought and later sold a double door 50 double sheathed kit. I don't recall the kit having any of the typical soft metal or brass parts. They made a couple of pre-painted novelty house car kits, one being "Phartz Baked Beans". I've only seen a photo of one that was completed. None of the wood seemed to be from Northeastern basswood, but a coarser grainier type wood. I have a couple of S scale Mainline 36' stock cars that use a similar type wood. The Mainline kits were again really designed for 0n3, so they are a bit wide as built. So perhaps both lines had a similar heritage.

My much modified turntable was a $4 kit from H & D. It was sold as 0/S kit, but it was really just plain 0.

Bob Werre

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