Re: Accurail O.B. boxcars as USRA design cars

david ellzey

The B-50-13 and 14's are of more interest to me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You can contact me offline if you wish.


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David Ellzey wrote:

Can anyone tell me if the Accurail O.B. boxcar would be a good candidate for a USRA or USRA design single sheathed car? I would like to model some as SP cars in the later 50's.
The ends are inverted dreadnaught on SP cars.

     As Eric Hansmann pointed out, the Accurail model has some differences. But more important for SP modeling, all its original USRA single-sheathed cars in revenue service were rebuilt in 1949-50 into steel-sheathed cars, which bore almost no relation to any Accurail model. I can direct you to published info on those cars if that is really what you are looking for.
     The SP cars were built with entirely conventional corrugated ends, and when rebuilt, had their height extended with parts of other corrugated ends. I don't know what you are referring to by "dreadnaught," unless you are actually talking about the ARA-like cars SP built in the mid-1920s (changed, however, from the ARA design). IF you mean those, I can make suggestions.

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