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Eric Hansmann

Technically, those were not USRA cars as the USRA stopped functioning on March 1, 1920. Cars built during the 1920s that mostly followed a USRA design have commonly been called clones in the model press. True USRA box cars did not have 7/8 corrugated steel ends or Hutchins roof hardware.


For a pocket summary of the USRA and a list of the car assignments they made, check out this page on my blog.


Here’s a magazine to unearth. The February 1993 RMJ article is a good reference for the Accurail 4100 and 4300 series kits. Here's a link to review Richard Hendrickson's original article. Most of this article remains available on the Trainlife site. Page 20 and additional pages go dead, but clicking on the Show Page Text link offers a hint of the content without images. It seems there was no data table provided for the article.


From Richard's article, I gather the following prototypes are best reflected by the Accurail 4100 series model.


CN 500500-503499 - 1000 cars built in 1923, 1924, and 1927, for 3000 total cars.


Additionally, automobile box cars (XA) built to the same design, but with an added half door for the 10-foot door opening.


CN 580000-580999 - 1000 cars built in 1923

GTW 581000-581999 - 1000 cars built in 1923

GT 33000-35999 - 200 cars built in 1923 but with corrugated steel ends (4300 series kits)


Many of these XA class cars were rebuilt in the 1930s with a narrower door opening and only a single door per side, becoming XM class cars.


Additionally, there were similar prototypes on the CB&Q, CNJ, and SP Lines (to name a few) that differed in overall height and hardware appliances.


Eric Hansmann

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Some of the USRA-type cars built in the 1920's had 7/8 corrugated ends and Hutchins roofs like the Accurail cars. Would the basic dimensions be correct?


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There are several differences between the Accurail models and the USRA single-sheathed box cars. The ends, roof, underframe, and the truss components are all different.


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Can anyone tell me if the Accurail O.B. boxcar would be a good candidate for a USRA or USRA design single sheathed car? I would like to model some as SP cars in the later 50's.

The ends are inverted dreadnaught on SP cars.

Other roads, MKT, CB&Q, and DM&IR have the 7/8 corrugated ends as on some of the Accurail models, so I would consider modeling them.

I have a small fleet of these cars stored up and would like to detail them into accurate models. Any help would be appreciated.




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