Re: Accurail O.B. boxcars as USRA design cars

david ellzey

That's the answer I am looking for. The Accurail car is mostly based on the USRA clones. CB&Q/FW&D would be a good railroad to mode. Thanks for sharing that info Dennis.

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Let me clarify that last email, I meant slim chance of Canadian cars down here on the T&NO.

I think the point you are missing is that while USRA cars had custom designed pressed "hat section" side posts, the Accurail kit models the similar cars that used structural Z section posts. The argument of the designers of the USRA car was that the pressed posts were a more efficient use of steel. The objection of many railroads was that they wanted cars that could be repaired with commonly available material. Both are valid arguments, and different railroads bought different cars because of it.

While the Accurail model was developed from drawings of a Canadian car, it is similar in dimensions and details to a lot of cars owned by the Burlington; also their C&S and FW&D subsidiaries. I suspect FW&D cars were pretty common in T&NO territory.

Dennis Storzek

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