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Jack Burgess

Why create a rubber mold when you can draw that part in 3D and make a sprue
of as many copies as you want?

Jack Burgess

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I had an excellent time at Naperville, although there were far fewer models
than in years past. And frankly, the display room sucks because the lighting
is so poor in there! I hope next year's RPM meet moves to a better location.
And I hope more people (especially post-1960 modelers) show up with models.
(No, I didn't bring any this year.)

The clinics where I learned the most were by Jack Burgess and Tom Madden.
Jack gave an excellent talk on using free CAD software to create designs for
3-D parts. This is something any of us can do! And Tom Madden offered his
expert advice on using 3-D design to create MASTERS for resin parts, which
holds great promise for creation of more excellent resin freight car models.
Finally Aaron Gjermundson gave a demonstration of actual casting using both
a vacuum chamber and a pressure pot -- very interesting!

The last piece of the puzzle for me would be a clinic on how to create a 3-D
rubber mold. :-)

Tim O'Connor

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