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Gatwood, Elden J SAD


It also bashes nicely into a PRR X26.

Elden Gatwood

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That's just the response that I was trying to elicit from my statement. The Accurail single sheathed boxcar is a beautiful model. I was hoping that it was closely based on several prototypes that could be kitbashed into excellent models.


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Regarding your statement "I get the impression that the accurail car is not highly regarded among prototype modelers:-)" I think that is an overly brood statement. I have used it to build four different models that I consider good models. To me the issue it is that not good for every 8-panel SS car with Z-bar bracing as some would seem to like it to be. I have also ripped its excellent Hutchins roof off the body and used it on several resin kits as it is the best around in any media.

I do wish the sheathing was not so distressed but that has not kept me from using it however.

Bill Welch


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