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For freight and passenger cars, I don't see FDM printers ever getting to the quality we require, but they can be used for structures, when the structure can be designed correctly to fit the printer.  Perfectly flat surfaces just don't seem possible with an FDM type printer.  Here is a link to a Frisco section house, and a two story depot where the main building was 3d printed on an FDM printer.  Bricks and concrete blocks also can be done.  Board and Batten siding...too much flat area, and the layering running the wrong direction.

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These are monofilament extrusion printers,  For model work, they’re crap.  I don’t know how many times we have to say it, but the resolution of “bargain” 3D printers is insufficient to produce satisfactory parts for models.  PERIOD.  Someone will likely chime in with a pie in the sky view of what MIGHT be coming and yes, it might be coming.  But right now, it ain’t here and as Tom Madden and others who actually use this technology repeatedly point out, to get the resolution that modelers need, you need the really really expensive machines...



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