Re: Creating a Wrecker/Derrick

Michael Aufderheide


Besides what you'll need for heralds and railroad specific text, there are a few decal sets meant for the data on a derrick and tender.  The first sets are from Tichy:
-9010 Black, Roman
-9110 White, Roman
-9210 Black, Gothic
-9310 White, Gothic

The second are the Microscale sets 1012 (gothic) and 1013 (roman).  These sets contain both white and black lettering.

Most importantly for me these include the "Bucyrus Erie"  text that was on the boom of the derrick I'm modeling.

In terms of the blocking and so forth, Google Books have a number of Cyclopedias that includes fabrication drawings for all the goodies and a list of what should be included in each work train.

For cabling, I have used heavy thread from the sailing ship model hobby that looks very good.


Mike Aufderheide

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