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Armand Premo


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Jim,I have built two.Had hoped that someone would offer different booms so there would be more of a variety.Armand Premo
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Subject: [STMFC] Creating a Wrecker/Derrick



I'm in the process of building and putting one of the Tichy/Gould 120 ton
kits on the road. If there is anyone on this list who has already done so
I'd appreciate exchanging some ideas with you. If there is general
in the topic I'm more than willing to discuss it on list.
The one I'm doing will be done for the GN - as a "stand in" since I can't
come up with anything closer to the derricks the GN had. But most of
what I'm interested in talking about are not GN specific.
Questions such as "what decals did you use?", "did you create boom
tie downs?", "did you add or replace details?", "ideas on how to keep
the cables taught?", etc.
I'm also interested in how to create the tender (a flat car).
I've already added considerable weight and found some brass hooks
to use for the tie downs. The couplers weren't correct height - even
after replacing the plastic arch bar trucks with Kadees ... but they are
close enough now I'll probably live with it (using an offset would just
make them the same amount wrong in the other direction).
- Jim B.

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