Re: "Xxtreme Modeling" presentation link

Greg Martin

What a great presentation. After seeing the presentation in CCB this past January the repeat was not as scary... 3^)
I love to see modeling like this and Schuyler as you well know is on the verge just you. 
I think regardless whatever we get out of this presentation what we should take away is that we should all return to modeling again. Challenge ourselves to take one of the examples here and apply them to out modeling. We should set a minimum set of standards for ourselves and as we get better move those standards ahead even if we start with something as simple as an ACCURAIL freight car. Hiding behind, "I have a layout to build and that takes all my time..." does really doesn't make sense when I see Clark do both. Turn off the computer and put your skills to the challenge.
I do want to say I am impressed.
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean

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For anyone interested here is the link to my "Xxtreme Modeling" presentation done at Cocoa Beach, Collinsville and Lisle in 2015: Xxtreme Modeling FINAL Web Version.pdf

It is copyrighted but it is okay to share with friends.


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