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Armand Premo

Jim,Tichy has a nice Boom car or fla cart to use an a tender for your crane.Armand Premo

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THANKS to all who have provided hints/their experience. It really helps.
And I even got a response "off list". I have lots to go on now and my
project just got bigger ... which is a GOOD thing.

Things I've done so far that I didn't list before are:

1) Had sent to me some GN MOW drawings.
2) Have found some pics both online and in my books that I
will use to add details - amongst other things the GN
used some heavily modified flat cars as their derrick
tenders ... lots of "cabinets", a collection of freight car
trucks, blocking, tools, cable(s), etc. - and more.
3) I'm working on finding the 'right' flat car to use as
the tender. Pics also show HW cars such as kitchen
dorm, tool car, etc. - luckily I already have MOW cars
that can be used in this service.

On to "bigger and better" ... thanks again Guys.
- Jim

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