Re: Availability of steel 4/5 Dreadnaught boxcar ends

Greg Martin

Dave, Bill and all,
Yes, you can split the ends in half to match the ACURAIL SS car but know going into this that this will shorten the end , which I believe you will need to do, and the rake of the roof will be different, which will have to taper X to zero on both sides.
All these things are correctable but you should know this going into it. 
"forewarned, forearmed"
Greg Martin
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So what! Buy two packages. Cut material out of the middle and glue back together. Use first package for practice as necessary. There is enough flat material at the top that can be removed. It is not a perfect world Dave. Sharp blades, sand paper, Tru-Sander and Testors are your friend. Use them.

Come on people, do some modeling. Good grief.

A very cranky Bill Welch

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