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Todd Horton

"Attention Greg Martin- This looks like an SnT project to me ..."

I was thinking the same thing
Todd Horton

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Apparently, they are Emergency Box Cars.

According to RPC 19,  They were built on surplus 40' fish-belly reefer underframes. Curiously, while the article lists them on the Roster page, (pg.43), there are no photos.

On Page 19, however, some details about these car ar noted.

The new bodies were built on surplus 1923 vintage frames and trucks (40 ton) from G.A.R.X. 52001-52200 wood-sheathed reefers (General American lot 2652).

These rebuilt cars had 6' Youngstown Corrugated Steel doors with Camel fixtures, 5-5 Dreadnaught steel ends, S.R.E.M. Co. riveted roofs, Klasing Power Hand Brakes, and the original (to the reefers) Andrews trucks.

In the late 40s, and early 50s, these cars cars were repainted into the familiar yellow with black lettering scheme.

Attention Greg Martin- This looks like an SnT project to me ...

Scott Haycock
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Jack and Tim,

According to my 1958 ORER 79001-79157 had a 10'6" IH and 48 cars were still in service. While the height is right for a WE car, the rest of the details are dodgy. Nor are any MKT cars listed in Richard Hendrickson's definitive articles on WE cars in the August and September 1994 MAINLINE MODELER articles.

I agree the car is older. Too bad we can't see the ends.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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